Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The Return to the Hobby

I have been meaning to write again, but I really did not have anything interesting to share. I have not written in more than a year, although I did embark in several projects, with various degrees of success, during that time period. Then I went through a "funk" that made me stop painting or putting anything together. I got more into board games and dedicated more time to chit based games.

of these games Conflict of heroes

lock and load :

and Musket and pike took most of my time:

I have gotten back into the hobby slowly, however,  and in part that has been because I finally got back into playing Malifaux. I have build several crews and joined a campaign that has been fun!
I will take a few pictures of the crews I have finished and I will post them....

now I feel that I am ready to jump back into the thick of it and there are so many projects I want to start...but I will be more cautious this time around, will break up the projects into manageable sections so that I can finish them and not get discouraged when a project takes forever to even flesh out.

so for the moment all good things and looking forward to what's coming up!

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