Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Malifaux, Pikeman's Lament and Blood and Plunder

So I continue with my slow re-dedication to the hobby. Slow in terms of progress not actual comitment. I have been playing in a Malifaux campaign for the past 6 weeks and it has been fun. I think I am ready to play in a non-league setting, and I have registered to a Malifaux enforcer brawl tournament and a regular Malraux one day tournament and I am looking forward to that.
I really jumped in with both of my feet into this whole Malifaux thing.
I bought a bunch of crews and I have been painting and getting them ready. Here are some pictures of my Arcanist (Kaeris) and Ten thunders Mai Feng Crews getting done, and my Ten thunders Tengus along side with my ever growing pile of Malifaux Boxes needing attention:

I am slowly finishing up all the Crews and extra models and although it will take me some time I am enjoying it. 

I feel that I am really "Collecting" the figures since I really like them, and so it is a huge bonus that I get to play them....luckily the game, and the people I play it with, are a lot of fun so that has been a win win for me.

Last Sunday I set up a game of Pikeman's Lament with my Friends Scott and Peter at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn, VA. I wanted to see how well the game played and it seem to work well, specially since we were testing them with miniatires in 15mm (the ruleswere originally intended for 28mm figures). We played Swedish against Holy Roman empire Croat's around the 30 year's war setting.
The day after I tried the rules again with Scott and they were fun, I think this rule set is a good excuse to get those By Fire and the Sword armies that we have, and put them to good use. I will post pictures as games happen.

Finally, I tried Blood and plunder, a game that is based on pirates vs Colonial powers skirmish battles in the Caribbean, and it is a lot of fun! some people where I play bought into it and so they have been trying it out. I will try it again a couple of times before I jump in, but I think I will buy and build a Spanish army. The models are great and they can be used for pretty much any game of the period, which is a huge plus since I am going to dedicate a big part of this year to finish all my medieval and pike and shot armies.

That is all for now and will post updates on these systems and pictures as games happen.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The Return to the Hobby

I have been meaning to write again, but I really did not have anything interesting to share. I have not written in more than a year, although I did embark in several projects, with various degrees of success, during that time period. Then I went through a "funk" that made me stop painting or putting anything together. I got more into board games and dedicated more time to chit based games.

of these games Conflict of heroes

lock and load :

and Musket and pike took most of my time:

I have gotten back into the hobby slowly, however,  and in part that has been because I finally got back into playing Malifaux. I have build several crews and joined a campaign that has been fun!
I will take a few pictures of the crews I have finished and I will post them....

now I feel that I am ready to jump back into the thick of it and there are so many projects I want to start...but I will be more cautious this time around, will break up the projects into manageable sections so that I can finish them and not get discouraged when a project takes forever to even flesh out.

so for the moment all good things and looking forward to what's coming up!