Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Muscovites, French Napoleonics, and the Battle of Fallujah.

My Friend Steve and I have been getting together fairly regularly to play Force on Force on Sundays, and this last Sunday we gave the battle of Fallujah another go. We have tried one of the Scenarios from the Fallujah book  several times, switching sides so no one gets stuck playing the irregulars all the time,  and it has been rather interesting. We are really sold on Force on Force, so we keep playing it and setting up scenarios for it, and it has been rather enjoyable. In last Sundays game, Peter and Ben Joined us, and Scott sat and watch us go at each other, and it was a challenging and interesting game. In the End Peter and I (we were playing the American Side) were lucky enough to have gotten a fog of war card in which a Delta team was introduced into the battle. This team was able to Breach and clear its objective and thanks to them we were able to win the scenario by one point, one point! the game was brutal for both sides and honestly, you don;t really know to which side  the game will tilt until the end.

The Saturday Before, I went   to Scott's place to try my newly painted Muscovites for By Fire and the Sword, of which here are some pics:
 We had a lot of fun! I discovered that the Muscovite play well in numbers, and while they are not particularly good individually, as a massed group, specially under cover, can be pretty tough to crack. The hero of the day was my light artillery. 

Last Thursday as a  group at Huzzah Hobbies we played Muskets and Tomahawks and it was a great quick game.  That game is a lot of fun and plays fast, which is a great plus for me. Can't wait until I can run a demo of land of the Free.

The previous weekend I played Blucher with Frank (you can check his battle rep on his blog), and I played with my French against his Prussians. We played 300 points and I Included Napoleon on my list and he included Blucher, because of this each we were pretty tough to crack, so we ended up having a classic long hard game that was a lot of fun and very satisfying. Definitely Blucher, for the organizational level for which is written, is a great game!

Besides this I have been mostly working on my Rhodesian force and force scenarios and I started painting a set of coureurs de Bois for Muskets and Tomahawks as well as some Gauls/Britons/Dacians for ADLG.

Lots of gaming going on and lots of Projects getting done, lets see what the summer brings.

By the way Check Scott's Blog and Frank's Blog (they are listed on my list of blogs on this page) they have reports and pictures of the games we played together.....