Monday, August 10, 2015

Alhambra and The Dog Days of Summer—and the prelude to the fall

The summer days tend to be a down time for me when it comes to completing new projects. Usually I have not as much time to dedicate to the Hobby and in general when it comes to gaming, mostly I play board games with family and friends, which is also a lot of fun.
Lately we have been playing a lot of Alhambra, and its extensions, and I remembered how much I used to like this game. It is fun, fast, easy and definitely a great way to spend an evening. That led me to dig back into my board game bookcase just to check for contenders for other nights and besides the obvious Carcassone we ended up playing a game called Antwerp, which basically is a game that models shipping through the docks of Antwerp. I though the game was neat and enjoyed it, but it did not seem to excite the rest of we decided to go for a sure bet and will play the settler of catan, in the American map version, the next time we play. 

The Summer has not taken  away my mind from the projects I want to complete and so I decided to be more organized than at the beginning of the this has been a bit of a mid-year revision of the state of the hobby for me:

Force on Force:

My Friend Steve set up a WWII FoF game using Flames of War based miniatures and it was great! we had a few people playing and some just watching and we had a great time! definitely a good option to use all my Flames of War stuff!

I plan on finishing my  miniatures for the Bush Wars book scenarios, then do the Russian and Chechnya Scenarios and finally the Malaysian emergency ones that I discovered from Britannia miniatures. Eventually I would love to do some for the Cold War gone Hot book, but one thing at the time.

By Fire and The Sword:

My friend Frank is running a tournament and I am excited to participate. My Muscovite army is ready, although I think I will add another artillery piece, as it was very effective last time I played. I still need to finish the division level ranks of my Muscovites, but I think I will do it one regiment at the time. I also have a transylvanian skirmich set I might do before anything else so I can see how they play, as they look very cool.

Art de La Guerre

I really like this game, and unfortunately it has not  caught on were I normally play, so I will start going back again to the regular group that plays it so I can keep playing it as I really enjoy it. I have a Gaul/Dacian/Briton army primed ready to finish that I will work on and also have a triunvirat roman and a Spartan/Athenian/Theban army that need to be finished, so my work is cut out there! although I did finish my Catalan company and I completed enough other cavalry and infantry bases that I can probably field a good number of lists from 997 through the mid 1400's.

Drop Zone Commander:

I really like this game and I have really not given it much attention this year. My friend Scott is putting up an Escalation league in which I plan to participate. I already have a sizable UCM army (painted in red, which I call my Space Communists),   so I might start a new army, I have talked about creating a PHR army, all in black and steel and calling it my Space fascists so I can have both of my armies find planet Stalingrad...:-) so That is probably what I will do......

Muskets and Tomahawks / Land of the Free:

I want to continue expanding my Armies, in particular finish my British force and start putting together my bases to try a Land of the free test game, this actually is a pretty high priority for me because I REALLY love this period.


I love playing this game! so I plan on harassing Frank and Steve to play it more often. I have a ton of Prussians that I want to have painted, but Marc, a friend from the ADLG group will likely commision paint them for me. He does a great job and I like his style (he previously painted up my Brits). On the other hand, I will complete my Brits by painting the Dutch-Belgian contingent that I wanted to add.....

Saga, Infinity, Deus Vult, Chain of Command, Black Powder, WAB/ WC, etc:

There are individual projects that I want to work on but i will pace myself. Most of them are a labor of love so, I am taking it easy and not rushing them. I wan to keep adding to my SAGA stock to play on the Huzzah monthly tournaments and now that my Friend Peter is back, I want to play Deus Vult and WAB/WC again.........Infinity is coming out with lots of cool new things and I really used to enjoy playing that game, so I might start showing up to play at the infinity nights at Victory comics from time to time so I can get some games in.

Anyway, these are my intentions and we will see how it goes according to the time that I have during the rest of the year,

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Good to hear from you. Hope to see you soon, Alex.